All Grey Shading Turned Light Brown After 4 Laser Treatments is This Normal?

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Light brown color after laser tattoo removal is normal

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Wayne, light brown color in place of your original ink is common and is typically due to the thermal injury (heating) of the skin with laser removal.  The current lasers on the market heat the pigment to shatter it into smaller pieces so the body can take it away.  This results in the still hot smaller particles heating the tissues and causing inflammation which in turn causes your pigment producing cells (melanocytes) to be stimulated and produce more pigmentation.  Long story short, when I see light brown after color removal I know the ink is leaving and the residual post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH will go away soon after.

Laser tattoo removal potential side effect

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It sounds like you might have experienced something called tattoo ink darkening. This can sometimes happen when a tattoo is treated and is due to a chemical reaction changing the oxidation/reduction state of the ink particle. I would suggest you see a dermatologist with advanced training in lasers to evaluate you if you are not doing so. 

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