Under-eye Irritation?

The skin under my right eye has been very itchy and irritated lately. I thought it might just be because of dry skin, but I've tried a moisturizer and it hasn't been working. It is only under my right eye and has been bothering me, especially since my right eye has more creases than the left eye, making that side look more tired and older. Im only 19. What could be the cause of this and is there anything I can do to help the appearance of my under-eye?

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Dermatitis - eyelids

You may have dermatitis secondary to contact allergies. When eyelids itch, the tendency is to rub - which means hand to eyelid contact and more potential for allergens to land on the lid. I would recommend cool compresses with a clean wash cloth, NO EYELID RUBBING, and avoid lotions and potions until the skin clears up. If you must apply something for comfort, I would recommend a lubricating ophthalmic ointment available over-the-counter. If this doesn't clear up, see an ophthalmologist for additional suggestions. Rubbing causes inflammation, thickened skin, chronic changes including a crepe-paper appearance, detachment or stretching of muscles, tendons, ligaments. After the irritation clears, use some basic, gentle, hypoallergenic products - cleanser, sun screen, moisturizer. Dermatologist offices and some oculoplastics offices carry product lines that are specific to your needs. Best wishes.

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Irritation under eye

There are a large number of things that could be going on. This is not the sort of thing we should advise you on over the internet. I strongly encourage you to see a doctor.

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