Can this Tummy tuck scar be moved and fixed later? (photos)

Ok I had breast cancer, double masectomy, numerous surgeries when I decided I was going to do something for me. So when I had my expander to implant exchange (due to a leak) I also got a tummy tuck. Long story short right before surgery she came in to mark me and it looked high...i told her that's high. Please make sure it's low and the scar can be hidden under a bathing suit. After surgery she never said a word. I assumed everything went as discussed until I took my binder off.

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Scar lowered 3 cm

Thanks for submitting your photos. In my opinion the best for you will be to lower the old scar about 3 cm but this will not mean it will be hidden under the bathing suit. This can not be promised. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. Kind Regards 

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Can this Tummy tuck scar be moved and fixed later?

This scar seems high. You should discuss with your surgeon to find out why. At this point, scar management with silicone gel and laser treatments may help. 

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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High Tummy Tuck Scar

Thanks for the question.  I agree your scar does appear high in the photos.  I try to make my incision placement as low as possible but there is no guarantee the scar will always end up where intended.  In some cases, an incision is placed higher because of previous scars or surgeries which impact the incision location.  You did not appear to have any of these issues pre-operatively.  The issue of relocating the scar to a lower position is a challenging one.  The ability to lower the scar is completely dependent on the laxity of the abdominal tissue between the belly button and the scar.  If there is little laxity, it is not possible to move the scar lower without moving the belly button as well.  If the belly button needs to be moved as well, this will result in a small lower midline scar between the belly button and the lowered scar.  Hope this helps.

Robert J .Paresi Jr., MD, MPH
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High scar

It is possible to lower the scar in the future. You need to allow time to past and see how much laxity of the skin develops over time. I agree the incision is place high.

Deborah Sillins, MD
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High Scar?

Thank you for your question.
While it goes look like you had a nice improvement in your abdominal contour, your scar does look quite high.  I would share your concerns with your surgeon, and ask why they chose to place the incision there, as opposed to lower down where you requested.  They should be able to offer you a reason why they felt that placement was appropriate.
If after a period of time to allow for healing you desired your scar to be lowered, that can be done.  However, that will take multiple operations (essentially, repeated tummy tucks where the scar is sequentially lowered), likely over several years.  You will also have multiple smaller vertical scars from your previous belly button holes, but ultimately you may prefer smaller vertical scars with a lower transverse scar to the higher transverse scar you currently have.
Again, the important thing for now if that you get through this recovery period safely, and voice your concern to your surgeon.

Dr. Dan Krochmal
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Tummy tuck - scar

thank you for posting your pictures. I am sorry to hear that your outcome is not as imagined. Sometimes if there is not a lot of skin to resect, scars can migrate upwards. But in your case there has been sufficient tissue to place the incision line low. Correcting a very high scar, like in your case, is only possible if enough "tummy - tissue" develops again, that can be resected. This way the scar can be lowered. Sometimes it also helps to place internal tension sutures supporting the low placement of the incision. I think you will need unfortunately some patience and maybe it would be a good idea to seek a second of luck and I hope this helped a little.

Bianca Knoll, MD
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Tummy tuck scar

The level of this scar is more consistent with harvest of DIEP or Free Tram flaps for breast reconstruction. You stated you have implants and not flaps for your breast reconstruction so I guess this was from an isolated cosmetic tummy tuck. The scar is a little high, at some point later the scar could be moved lower on your abdomen, but this is related to the laxity of the abdominal skin/flap above the current scar. Congratulations on being cancer free and good luck with your future surgery

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