Revised septorhinoplasty turbinate coblation. 3 weeks after op, 3 arteries burst. 1 week of failed packing

Revised septorhinoplasty turbinate coblation 3 weeks after op 3 arteries burst 1 week of failed packing 3 attempts emergency surgery Have not been given an explanation why this happened just been unlucky according to consultant and could happen again sinuses full of dried blood now infected tear duct not working pain in forehead and down nose difficulty sleeping not sure if this is due to nerve damage would like any advice

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Turbinate surgery combined with Rhinoplasty increases the likelihood of postoperative hemorrhage.

if this is your first surgical procedure, including dental extraction, and if you had significant hemorrhage after nasal surgery, you may consider consultation with a hematologist to exclude a preexisting bleeding diathesis. Hope this helps. Dr Joseph.

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Bleeding After Nose Surgery

It is extremely likely that you have some type blood clotting disorder and you should have a hematology consultation. However, that usually takes time to get the results. Meanwhile your surgeon or your hematologist can prescribe DDAVP,  Trnaexamic Acid or both to normalize your coagulation.

Good Luck 

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