Rhinoplasty on Nasal Tip Following an Injury on 9/11? (photo)

I was stationed at the pentagon of 9/11 and sustained some facial injuries. My jaw was fractured and my nose injured. I was placed in surgery to resolve these issues. Since then, I feel as if my nose is quite bulbous at the tip and curves and doesn't move well with my facial movements such as smiling and speaking. I'm not sure if this is a poor decision to attempt surgery after a traumatic injury.

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Rhinoplasty after Facial Trauma

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It is smart to consider nasal surgery after severe facial trauma. Having said that, timing of any surgery is very important; it sounds like you may still have significant swelling in the tip which will make it difficult to do surgery before this has resolved.  Careful examination of your nose will help to answer your question.

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I agree with you that your nasal tip is somewhat bulbous and could be improved with surgery.  However, it does not appear that it was the result of trauma. 

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Nasal injury

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Dear Tonya,
I am glad you’re with us and survived such a horrific incident on 9/11.  As far as your nose, it needs to be evaluated closely for proper diagnosis. I would be happy to provide you a complimentary consultation and provide you with proper treatment options. Dr. Kevin Sadati

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Rhinoplasty after Trauma to nose

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Dear Tonya, First and foremost I am very sorry for the experience that has led you to this question. I am sure the trauma to the nose and face was secondary to the overall trauma of such a horrible incident. I am glad you are smiling!! As far as your nose a full evaluation during consultation would be needed and a direct examination to look inside the nose and palpate the skin over the nose to determine what may be done to improve it. It would also be helpful to have your operative report from the surgeon who performed your original surgery to know what was done during the procedure. I see you are in Southern California if you are anywhere near Newport Beach I would be happy to provide a complimentary evaluation and expert opinion. Wishing you best regards and keep smiling!! Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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