Smart Lipo second round?

This is my second time going under for smart lipo , & I already had a Brazilian butt lift with regular lipo.... so my 3rd lipo trip, & im not happy at all. The second time I got lipo I felt everything so we had to stop early .... I want to Know ways to help get better results after surgery? & is my doctor suppose to drain the fluid ? Also what's some recommended garnments to wear after surgery

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Third trip to the OR for better lipo results?

Your expectations depend on what kind of shape you're in before surgery and what you expect to look like after surgery. You need to post a photo to see if your expectations are realistic or not.

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Revisionary Liposuction

It is important to remember that revisionary surgery o any kind will be somewhat limited due to the presence of scar from the prior procedure. With regards to liposuction, there is scarring which develops between the layers of skin and subcutaneous fat post-operatively. It is this post op adhesion of the layers which creates a smooth contour and prevents the accumulation of fluid in the dead space created by subcutaneous fat removal.

This scar, while essential to a good result, will limit the fat yield in subsequent procedures performed in the same field. The best and most dramatic effect will be obtained initially with revisions aimed at tailoring the final result. It is not unreasonable to pursue revisions. However, patients should temper their expectations.

As always, discuss your concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Smart Lipo Second round

I am sorry to hear about your experience.  First, I want to address the pain issue. I assume you were awake, maybe oral sedation and tumescent fluid.  I frequently do liposuction in this manner, but it has to be for the right patient.  Some areas can be more sensitive than others.  I also preform nerve blocks and other methods to increase the comfort of my patients.  To feel pressure is normal, maybe occassional pain, but should not be painful.  If you are very anxious, and after a bad experience this can be worse, it might be better to have general anesthesia.  Your surgeon should have an anesthesiologist come in to administer and monitor you during the case.  I offer this, but it does have an extra fee as another doctor is involved.

I would not recommend any treatments for at least 6 months after your last liposuction case, if you are treating the same areas.  You need time to heal, scar tissue to resolve, etc. in order to get the best results for this next procedure.

Last, we drain and express as much fluid at the end of our cases.  After that, we encourage our patients to do therapeutic or lymphatic massage, hot compresses, and PelleFirm treatments in our office.  This is in addition to wearing compression garments for 2-4 weeks depending on the patient and area treated.

Best recommendation is to get an in office consult with an experienced surgeon, express all your concerns, and plan a treatment course you can be happy with.

Good luck to you,

Dr. Powell

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SmartLipo results

Thanks for your question. Results from SmartLipo tend to be favorable with one treatment. If this is your third experience and you are not seeing the results you want, you should seek a second opinion from an expert. Optimal results from SmartLipo are reached between 6-9 months. Best, Dr. Katz

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