Hello, I have posted before but its now been 4 months since my full TT and lipo, Is this an acceptable result? (photo)

I am waiting to hear back off the company about a second opinion from a different surgeon but they don't seem in a rush like they was to take my money! My main question is have i got the right for them to fix it free of charge? And if not will I have a legal case against them? Thanks

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Tummy tuck malpractice?

Boy, you sure seem eager to sue or claim negligence following your tummy tuck! Who chose your surgeon? And who went to the consultation? Shame on that person for such poor communication and failure to pick a better surgeon! You should consider legal action!

Oh wait, that was YOU . . .

I looked at your previous post and your pre-op photos. Congratulations on your weight loss--you really had a lot of loose skin, and yes, your present surgical result is good, not great. But this is not worthy of the anger or attitude you seem to have. Sure, I get that surgery is a big deal, cost, pain, and expectation. And I know patients only seem to see the really great results and expect theirs will be the same or better. However, there is always the lower half of every bell-shaped good-bad result curve. You're not even that far to the left on the bad side, either.

So here are your answers.

No one from any "company" or any other surgeon will revise this for free. Most surgeons would revise this for operating room and anesthesia (perhaps local if just the lateral dog ears--if the whole thing is to be re-tightened, you would need general anesthesia) costs only; some would add a surgeon's fee as well, but that SHOULD have been discussed prior to surgery. Now you're looking to blame someone hoping for "free" revision, or threat of legal action (won't work, but don't accept legal advice from a surgeon) to get money for a re-do. You obviously have lost faith in your surgeon, who would be your best chance for a lowest-cost revision, if you understood just how unrealistic your expectations were! So, do you really want to have full price elsewhere?!

Here's what you should do. Lose the attitude and go thank your surgeon for how much improvement s/he has obtained. Pause and let the compliment sink in. Then, ask ever so gently if there is any way for a bit more skin tightness, especially on the sides, and tell him/her that it's OK if the incision goes a bit longer, because you know that loose side skin is because your surgeon did such a nice job keeping the scar as short as possible. Then ask how much that costs, since you must have forgotten that part of the pre-op discussion. You'll catch many more flies with honey than vinegar. Honest. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Thank you for your question.  This results isn't optimal and but is still acceptable. This can be easily revised.  It seems like all you need is a little correction of the dog ears.  Its something that is fast and can be done under local anesthesia.

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Is my result acceptable

Thank you for asking about your tummy tuck.

  • I am sorry you are not pleased with your result.
  • It is too early to judge your final result and standard before/after photos are needed to have an opinion.
  • You are still swollen - and swelling is gone at the earliest in 6 months and may take longer.
  • You will always have excess skin when you bend over - you need that excess skin to stand up. 
  • I would wait a full 6 - 9 months before going back for exam to discuss a revision -
  • And an exam is needed then to see if you need on.
  • I see no basis for a legal case against your surgeon - if you threaten to sue, your surgeon will not be able to see you again.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Result after TT

It is difficult to say without a formal evaluation, but I think a revision is reasonable given the photos provided. You should first be evaluated by the surgeon who performed the surgery, then get a second opinion and even a third. Unfortunately, malpractice has not happened. You have a satisfactory result. I would just want to make it better if I had been your surgeon. Best of luck. 

Erica Anderson, MD
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Whats a dog ear?

Thanks for the question and the photos. There will be changes as your body continues to heal so most surgeons will not make adjustment for between 6-12 months. From your 4 month photos you still have a lot of swelling in the mid abdomen which is normal. The extra skin in the corners is called a " dog ear". If it does not settle down is is a minor touch up.

I do not see anything here that breaches the standard of medical care, so I see no lawsuit, but it is disappointing that you don't seem to have a good relationship with you PS. If this "company" is not responsive you mak wish to seek guidance from another PS.

Best wishes.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
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Pick the surgeon that cares for you the entire journey, not just until they get your money

  • Choose the surgeon that will provide excellent results but also exception care before, during and after surgery.  
  • Sometimes little touchups are required to make a good result an amazing result.  In my opinion these little touchups are well worth it to give my patients the best possible result. Unfortunately not all surgeons feel that way and lose some interest after getting paid.
  • If you are unhappy you can try to get another surgeon, but the best option is still to try to sort it out with your surgeon. Going to a new surgeon will certainly cost a lot more.
  • Dr Rodger Shortt is a plastic surgeon in Oakville who cares for patients from Oakville, Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington, Georgetown, Milton and the GTA.  He strives to be the best plastic surgeon and is one of the few plastic surgeons in Canada with 5-star ratings on RealSelf, RateMD and Ontario Doctor Review.  He is the director of cosmetic surgery training and an assistant clinical professor at McMaster University.

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4 Months Post-Op Result

Swelling can persist for several months and will gradually improve and will look better at three months, six months, and even one year. Frequently the pubic area can become very swollen and discolored during the first two weeks due to gravity as this is the lowest area for swelling to accumulate.

It may take several months for a tummy tuck patient’s scars to soften, for sensation to return, and for relaxing of the tight sensation in the abdomen. In the case of extensive surgery, abdominoplasty recovery can be uncomfortable and may take longer. Scars may stay red, become thick or widen. It can take 12-18 months for the scars to settle.

These can be improved with topical treatments such as BioCorneum, Scar Guard, Scar Fade and Mederma. Redness can be improved with laser treatments and the scars can be kept narrow with products such as Embrace.  On occasion, keloids or hypertrophic scars can develop and will need treatment including Kenalog, 5FU and laser.

The final result can take months to accrue due to these slow healing progressions, but if you find yourself worried or concerned at all it is best to visit your surgeon for an examination.

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