I have soft pliable lumps under my chin with new bruising 4 weeks post op. Is this OK?

Hi please could somone answer another question for me. I have soft swellings on each side of the chin. I can push the swelling and it pops up on the other side and vice versa. I t seems a little better if i lay flat for a while but then a rigid thick vein like structure protudes from under my chin to half way down my neck. Surgeon sat behind desk and didnt examine me or look closely when i saw him last week. Told me i look younger and to massage area, and not to see him for another 5 weeks

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Thank you for your question. Swelling, bruising and any bumps do not tend to last 4 weeks after the Kybella injections. Before you become alarmed, I suggest that you move forward and consult with the board certified facial plastic surgeon who performed your procedure. Your surgeon will have the best knowledge of your procedure, recovery and the next steps. Please also post pictures. 

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