Is there any contraindication in having sculptra 10/52 after the third course of voluma.

I have loss of volume in my face, cheeks etc. I've had 3 vials of voluma in each cheek (6 in total). The last injection was in November. I am now looking at Sculptra as the issue of skin laxity/volume loss in the lower face seems more pronounced following the Voluma. Personally I feel I need a lower facelift. Can I have Sculptra 10/52 after Voluma? Thanks

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Sculptra and Voluma

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I regularly combine fillers and Sculptra to give appropriate balance to the face. Of course what you may need is dependent on many factors including age, skin quality, sun damage, overall volume loss, and many other things that have to be taken into account in the evaluation of each patient. Sculptra works very well for global volumization of the face. Facial aging does not effect just one area of the face but it evidences itself form the temples all the way to jaw line. Sculptra allows me to treat aging in more comprehensive fashion. If the patient has extensive volume loss and skin laxity they may need a facelift with fat grafting to give them the optimum result, but some patients do not wish to have surgery or cannot have it for medical reasons and Sculptra can give the best chance for an improvement in a patient who is very volume depleted and has skin laxity. .

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Sculptra after Voluma

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Yes, you can definitely have Sculptra after Voluma.  I love Sculptra for the lower face and for volumizing the face in a natural looking way. Best, Dr. Green

Sculptra may be used after hyaluronic acid fillers

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I believe that Sculptra would be a good option for you  In my experience I have not seen any level of gauntness or hollowing that Sculptra is not capable of improving.  The benefit of Sculptra is that it can provide full facial lifting, tightening, and revolumization, often yielding results that regular surgical facelifts cannot provide.  However, there are certain degrees of skin sagging and laxity where a surgical facelift would be your only option.  I would have no reservations treating with Sculptra following Voluma.  It is quite common for patients to have been treated with some form of hyaluronic acid prior to their treatment with Sculptra.

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Sculptra injections following Voluma

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Without knowing your age or seeing your photos it is difficult to give a specific answer, however, if you have already had 6 syringes of Voluma and you still need more volume and are considering Sculptra as well it may be time to consider the surgical options. A lift and/or fat transer may be more effective and longer lasting. However, I have not seen a problem with the combination of Sculptra and Voluma together. I would discussall your options with your provider to determine the best course of action.

Allison Pontius, MD
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