What Supplies Do I Need for BBL?

I'm looking to do bbl this spring but what supplies do I need before and after surgery?

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Supplies Usually Given By Your Surgeon

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The things you'll need for your Brazilian Butt Lift, both to prepare and for recovery, will most likely be given to you by your surgeon. At my San Antonio surgery center, pre-operative instructions are reviewed with you usually two weeks prior to your surgery, along with any medication, vitamins, etc. Following your surgery, you'll receive detailed instructions on home care, use of your compression garment (provided by our office), medications, as well as any restrictions to activities, bathing, etc. My registered nurses have been with me for many years and are also available following your surgery for any questions you may have. If you feel unsure about something, just ask your surgeon!

Preparing for a Brazilian buttock lift

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Your surgeon should provide you with your garment after your Brazilian buttock lift however some patients will purchase another "secondary" garment to be worn a few weeks after the surgery when the swelling subsides. You may also want to get a soft pillow or cushion (memory foam) to sit on if you do need to sit after the procedure. It's always a good idea to also have your prescriptions before surgery (pain medication and antibiotics). Ask you surgeon for more specific information before surgery.

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Supplies needed after a Buttock Augmentation

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Generally, you do not need any supplies before or after buttock augmentation surgery. Most surgeons supply the garments for you to wear after the procedure. The only thing I would recommend is to make sure that you have plenty of fluids to drink wherever you may be staying after your procedure. You can also get some inexpensive pillows just to have and maybe some gauze and peroxide.

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Supplies Before Brazilian Buttlift

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   In general, there are not a lot of supplies needed for the Brazilian buttlift, and I usually give the patient what they need including a garment.  You should probably ask the surgeon you select.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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