Can Breast Augmentation Change your figure? (photos)

I'm 9yr p/o WLS pt, w/ 107lbs loss kept it off. I expected w/exercise I would lose my back thigh & hip fat; I've gained muscle in my legs but it's hidden under fat. I had an abdominoplasty < year after WLS. I'm sched for breast aug & lipo consult but am curious if implants would eliminate the need for lipo of back fat b/c of change in figure? Also, because my legs have been large for so long, if I were to have lipo on them, would a thigh lift typically be recommended or could my skin shrink?

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Breast implants won’t affect your back.

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Although getting breast implants will certainly change your figure, the change won’t affect the skin and tissue across your back, only the breasts themselves. It’s actually quite common for women to pursue breast implants following weight loss surgery in order to restore the volume loss that so often occurs after shedding so many pounds. Typically, combining implants with a breast lift will give a fuller, perkier profile as well. As for lipo in your lower body, high volume weight loss often requires a thigh lift to remove excess skin as well as fatty tissue, but only an in-person exam can say for sure.

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Breast augmentation will not affect fat under the arm and on the back

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Based on your photographs you will need a breast lift and possible augmentation.  However the fat beneath the arm and on the back will need to be liposuction as the implant will not affect this.

Breast augmentation helping back contour

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Thank you for the pictures. It is unlikely a breast augmentation would change the need for liposuction of your back. Based on your pictures I'm a little confused as to why you're even having a breast augmentation. You may be better suited for breast lift/small reduction. Good luck

Breast surgery after weight loss

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You do not appear to be a candidate for a breast augmentation.  I would consider a breast reduction with liposuction of the dorsal bra back fat rolls.  

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Can Breast Augmentation Change your figure?

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I am confused about exactly your issues. In posted photo you need a lift + implants... As for thigh lift need better photos . BUT best to seek ONLY IN PERSON opinions! 

Can Breast Augmentation Change your figure?

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Thank you for the questions/pictures and congratulations on your significant and sustained weight loss! Based on your history and photograph,  breast lifting is the breast operation that will improve your situation most. Whether or not you choose to have breast augmentation done also will depend on their personal goals when it comes to breast size/shape. You will likely find that  the breast operation will not necessarily “eliminate the need” for treatment of diet/exercise resistant adipose tissue, if you have areas of concerns.

Most patients who have had significant weight loss, do not necessarily do well with liposuction of the lower extremities alone; oftentimes, patients these patients benefit from thigh lifting operations. Sometimes, it may be in a patient's best interest to have a lower extremity liposuction procedure done initially; a second stage thigh lifting operation may be beneficial after the initial liposuction/debulking procedure. Again, congratulations on your accomplishments this far and good luck with your plans.  Hopefully, you will find the attached link ( dedicated to patients who have experienced significant weight loss) helpful to you as you learn more about options.

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