Tight pulling skin under my incision after my breast enlargement?

Hi I'm 21 days post opp now since I had my breast enlargement and my right breast is starting to Worry me now my incision is pulling it feels like my skin is being stretched and I can't lift my arm probably with out it stretching and feeling uncomfortable also my implant doesn't more much like my other one I'm getting so worried!!!

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Post op tightness

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Hi Charly Brown,

Congratulations on you decision to have Breast Augmentation.   What you are describing is not that  uncommon. It sounds like a "cord"  in the lower part of the breast near the fold.  We call it a cord because that is what it feels like when you stretch the skin by raising your arms. A cord will disappear without treatment, however gentle massage tends to be beneficial.    It is difficult to be sure without examining you, so you should return to  your doctor for a complete evaluation.
Good Luck,  Beverly Friedlander, MD 

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