How long should I wear my post surgery bra for after a breast lift and implants?

I've had a breast lift with 275cc implant and need to know how long do I wear my post surgery bra for? And when can I start wearing sports bras. I'm 6 weeks post op now.

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How long must I wear my sx garment

Thank you for your recent question ! I have my patients in there surgical bra for 3 weeks post -op. I would recommend contacting your surgeon for his or hers guidelines. 

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Post Surgical Bra

Your plastic surgeon is your best resource for information about your bra.  In general, the surgical bra or sports bra is worn for 4 to 6 weeks.  This depends on how you are healing and the exact procedure that was done.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Wearing the Post Surgical Bra

Depending on your surgeon, the procedure technique and implant type, you may be instructed to wear a bra at all times following your procedure until your follow-up appointment.
The #bra acts as a “dressing,” holding the breasts in position. If the bra feels too tight or hurts, switch immediately to sports type bra that feels comfortable. You should wear the bra at all times for at least three weeks. You will probably be more comfortable if you do not wear an underwire bra. If an post-operative sports bra is not provided, we recommend purchasing a couple of basic sports bras to use during recovery.
It is always recommended to call and see your surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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How long should I wear my post surgery bra for after a breast lift and implants?

I have to say that you are still early on healing process, it is too soon to determine how your results are going to be, per now, they look very nice and beautiful, you can have one bigger than the other, it is normal and that can happen for the first 3 months until your implants have settle in. I recommend you to wait and keep using your post surgical bra, that will help you with the shape and support for at least 3 months… 

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How long should I wear my post surgery bra for after a breast lift and implants?

By 6 weeks after breast lift with implants in most situations I would expect my patients to be able to go without a brawl. However I do not know your situation.  It is most important that you ask your plastic surgeon to inform you when you can stop wearing the bra.  If there is risk of bottoming out your surgeon may want you to wear the bra longer. For more information please read below:

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