Breast Augmentation. How Much Time Do I Need to Take off from Work?

I work at frito lay. &my job it's hard, but I sweat a lot bc it's so hot in the factory. I don't want my incisions to get infected or whatever might happen to them if they was to get wet. if they wasn't healed all the way by the time I needed to go bak to work. I get to hot &sweaty @work that I am soaked.I have already planed to take off for 10days in oct. and it want be so bad since it wil b in the fall.Do I need to take off more days? Or will 10days be enoght? Thanks in advance!

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Down time after breast augmentation

I usually advise my breast augmentation patients to take couple days off from work if they have desk job.  If they are going to sweat, then I have them take off 2-3 weeks until the incision heals.  I normally examine them prior to their returning back to work.  If you have to do heavy weight lifting, you will need to wait about 6 weeks.  All plastic surgeons are different in our postoperative recommendation.  It will be best to talk with your plastic surgeon on his/her postoperative recommendation.  Best wishes.

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Breast augmentation recovery

The answer to this question depends greatly upon your duties at work.  You did not mention whether the reason that you sweat so much is simply because you work around hot machinery or whether you are actually doing a lot of physical exertion such as lifting, pulling, or pushing.  Each surgeon has their own protocols for returning to certain activities after breast augmentation.  I would advise you to be very specific when talking to your doctor about your work duties so that you can return to your job in the safest manner possible.

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Recovery time for a strenuous job and a breast augmentation

The only activities I would restrict a patient to after a breast augmentation would be not to lift greater than 20 pounds and avoid activities where the breasts bounce up and down for 6 weeks.  As long as you stay in a well fitting bra you should be fine.  YOu also can not drive a car when taking pain medications. If there are very physical portions to your job you may need more like three weeks to recover.  It is very variable.  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Z

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Breast Augmentation. How Much Time Do I Need to Take off from Work?

For patients whose jobs require little physical exertion, getting back in a few days is possible.  Some highly physical jobs may require 6 weeks off. I think you will get the best answer from your surgeon, who can ask exactly what a day' work is like for you.

All the best. 

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Time off from work

When I was in college, I spent one summer driving a delivery truck for Frito-Lay.  Great company!  Anyway, to answer your question, every doctor has his/her own protocol for resuming work and strenuous activity after surgery.  You should probably check with your doctor about his/her recommendation.  In my office, I tell my patients that they can resume routine activities as soon as they feel up to it, more strenuous activities after three weeks.  If your job requires heavy lifting or activity, perhaps your supervisor will let you trade out and do something less strenuous during the first few weeks of your recovery.  After a few weeks, sweating should not be an issue.

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Maybe 2-3 weeks

You should plan to be off work for up to 5-7 days, although this can vary from person to person. However, if your job is hard and sweaty, then you should definitely wait for at least 2-3 weeks. If you need to lift things, then wait 6 weeks. However, ask your surgeon for their advice.

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Time off work after breast augmentation

In my opinion and experience it takes two weeks of uneventful healing after a properly sized and positioned implant is placed in the subpectoral position. I recommend that the patient take the first week off (meaning nowhere you have to go or nothing you have to do). Other restrictions include no soaking and no lying or the breast and no arm use that stretches or flexes the pectoralis muscle. The second week most patients no longer need narcotic pain medication and can do normal level activity but still no soaking, lying on the breast, or otherwise stressing the upper body. Sports and heavy physical activity would still not be feasible. After two weeks, essentially all restrictions are lifted and the patient should start massage and return to full activity. 

From the description, 10 days off your work may be reasonable with a few residual precautions at that point. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
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Refraining from work after breast augmentation depends on the job.

For a desk job most patients can return to work a couple of days. In your particular case it sounds as though this will not be possible. You should get the specifics from your surgeon.

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Time off after Breast Augmentation

With the type of job you have I usually ask the patient for stay away from heavy lifting for 2-3 weeks after augmentation.  Good support to the implants is important.  It does make a difference on implants above or below the pectoralis muscle.  I hope this helps because each operation has its own differences.  I would get this aspect of your recovery from your surgeon.

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