Rhinoplasty revision grafting?

I had a piece of cartilage called a columella strut that was problematic. It was boucing around and clicking and grining against the nasal spine. I got a third rhinoplasty surgery to adress this issue. The strut was shortened and attatched with nylong sutures to my L strut. I am about 2 months post op but for some reason my strut is still clicking and is rubbing against things and is mobile and moving and it is painful slightly. Can any doctor give me their expert opinion on what can be done

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Allow Time for Complete Healing

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Since you are only 2 months out, it would be best to allow a little more time to heal.  Potentially, during the healing process, the strut will scar in and stabilize.  However, if after a period of time the situation persists, the strut could possibly need to be removed entirely at which point you would need to wait an approximate additional 6 months or so before attempting another reconstruction.  In any case, allow for time to heal completely and properly, and continue to consult with your plastic surgeon and report to him if the situation worsens.  Best wishes.  

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