Did I mess up my rhinoplasty?

I got rhinoplasty last january. When I first took my cast off my nose was perfect. Really defined and sharp. Now almost ten months later, I've noticed my nose never returned to the initial sharpness of when I first got it done. Why did my nose job wear off?

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Nose different than after splint removal

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What you are describing is actually not unusual. The splint (cast) compresses the nose to prevent swelling. Once it is removed, some swelling sets in. Then the nose gradually and slowly continues the healing as the tissues settle. This process can take over 1.5-2 years, or even longer, particularly people with thicker skin. at 10 months or less, your nose has not finished healing and it is highly likely that it will become more defined with time. Unfortunately, at this point, only patience is required. Good luck. M. Samaha, MD

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