I am 10 days after the Rhinoplasty. Worried about if the silicone implant has migrated. Any suggestions?

I can feel something is underneath on the top right side of the nose bridge, just under my right eyebrow. It almost feels like the head of the silicone implant. It's not visible but I can touch it. I am worried cuz I feel nothing when I touch the left side. It almost feels like the implant has slanted. I heard after the surgery, there can be a callus. The thingy that I can touch, do u think it's just a callus or a migrated implant? Will a CT scan let me know if the implant is migrated?

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You may feel something after surgery and not see it. Don't touch it and leave it alone. You are worrying about something that probably will have no long term consequence. It is not uncommon to feel some edge of implant or what ever. Trust the process and let the swelling go down.

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Really difficult to tell without photos but form what you are saying it is suspicious for some movement in the implant

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