Is there a difference between fat transfer techniques in United States and Korea? (Photo)

It seems as though doctors on Korea use more high volume amounts for dramatic effect. I was told by a doctor I could not achieve a rounder forehead or more filled forehead with my own fat in the US, but they do it all the time in Korea! What is the difference? Should I think twice about surgery in Korea? I have some temple veins I would like more hidden, and a vertical dent down the middle that is from my bone structure but is now more noticeable. I also lost fat between my brows I think!

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Different technique in different countries

I don't think the difference varies as much in different countries as it does from doctor to doctor. One particular thing to be very cautious of it when assessing fat transfer pictures is the timing of when the pictures were taken. Fat transfer requires at least six months before final results are seeing. Pictures taken sooner than that will show results that can be very different than the final long-term outcome. Since a substantial amount of fat will not survive and the fat that survives can be unpredictable early results can be deceptive. Best, Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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Is there a difference between fat transfer techniques in United States and Korea?

After seeing results from Korea I agree that many surgeons in the US seem to be more conservative with the degree of change they accept. I try to match the patients wishes. 

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