PRK, ICL, or nothing? 3 doctors with 3 answers! One said they would do PRK- the other said that'd be malpractice! (Photo)

I have a central cornea thickness of 470 in both eyes. My myopic prescription is -4.75 and -4.25. I do have astigmatism. On my topography cornea chart it does show abnormality. I.e in my left eye the top is 45.1 and the bottom is 46.4. (See charts). My brother did have karecetonis so some doctors were concerned. Thus after a year and a half I got tested again and the topography, prescription is the same. I am 28 years old. I have GPC from contacts so I desperately am looking for a solution!!

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There are always options....

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There are always options.  All options for all patients have a risk/reward balance.   It is impossible to practice medicine over the internet and with limited information.   With the information provided, you should consider, prk with collagen crosslinking.  The best option, removes the cornea from the equation and is reversible/removable, an icl.  Pick the most experienced surgeon for this procedure you can find as it is more technically demanding than prk.   In my clinical experience with icls, the vision is exceptional.  

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