Had Recent Bilateral Masectomy/reconstruction over 14 Hrs 2 Different Types of Trams Done is This Normal?

radiated breast is not looking good, how do I know if partial failure is happening? My doctor says deformity is from the radiation and just needs to be" tweeked" along with left side which is now larger due to shrinkage of rt side. help!

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DURATION of Bilateral Masectomy/reconstruction

Your question contains many questions, answering each would take longer than this space would allow. Radiated breasts are notoriously hard to work with and are often fraught with many healing complications. The amount of time a reconstruction takes depends on many factors incl the amount of scarring, bleeding of the tissues, any unexpected findings or situations, the experience of the surgeon(s), the level of coperation between the team removing and those reconstructing the breast, any delays based on the use of Pathology to guide the operation, any use of imasging during surgery (XRays or sophisticated machines which actually predict blood flow in the skin).

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I believe I answered the next question in this post already.  Times vary for bilateral procedures.  These procedures can vary depending on the number of surgeons involed.  In Austin, Texas where I practice we use two surgeons for the entire case to minimize times spent in the operating.

Breast reconstruction

Without an exam it is difficult to comment on your reconstruction. Certainly if you had radiation, it may affect one side more than the other.

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