6 Months Post Op Breast Reconstruction, Radiated Side Shrank, other Tram Larger, Being Told Reduction?

6 months post op,reconstruction/with trams, radiated side shrank,other side much larger, am being told reducing the left is not an option in going for symetry is this true? The large side also hangs lower. I am 57 and do not need large breasts . What are my options? Also how long should the chest/breast area be painfull to the touch?

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Radiated TRAM Reconstruction and Symmetry

This is a difficult question to answer without a thorough exam, but I have performed reduction and further shaping of  the non-radiated larger side to acheive better symmetry with some success.  Options for the radiated side may be limited depending on how badly the radiated TRAM has been affected.   

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Tram reconstruction and revision

It is impossible to answer this questions tan exam. It is possible to reduce the larger side, but you may need more volume and shape to the radiated side.  You need to be seen in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
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