All my life I've heard that I have a "long" face and I hate it! Do I Need a Chin Reduction? (photo)

All my life I've heard that I have a "long" face and I hate it! I would really love to have a chin reduction where the bone is scupted instead of cutting and realigning my jaw AND also maybe cheek implants. I'm okay with my forehead size even though it is a big. Just looking for suggestions and comments. I'm also worried that if I do have a chin reduction, the skin will sag along my jaw. What are the associated risks? What size cheek implant would suit me for a natural look? Thank you

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Vertical Reduction Chin Osteotomy and Cheek Implants For Facial Shortening

The type of chin reduction that you seek is a vertical one to reduce the height of the chin. This is not done by burring (that is used for a chin that sticks out too far) but by a wedge reduction chin osteotomy. Because the tissues remain attached to the vertically shortened chin, there is no risk of soft tissue sagging with this chin reduction technique. As for the cheeks, there are numerous styles of cheek implants. But with your facial shape and in the spirit of helping achieve overall facial shortening, anatomical cheek implants that provide a small amount of high anterolatera projection.

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Long Face?

A "long face" is more associated with a vertical excess in the maxilla (upper jaw/mid-face) and not the chin, although the chin could be excessively long in the vertical dimension too.  A true side pofile photo would be helpful as well as a phsical exam and a myriad of x-rays to determine if in fact you do have a long face and/or chin.  If so the only effective way to correct this facial variation is with surgically cutting the upper jaw bone and/or chin bone and reducing their vertical height.  Ocassionally this can slightly and prematurely age the face by kind of scrunching up the soft tissue coverings.  Hope this helps...RAS 

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