Did I ruin my natural tooth underneath for a future veneer? (photos)

I got veneers 10 years ago because I had a front tooth that was chipped and the other front tooth was darker. The first set looked to big and bulky so I had them redone. Second set my dark tooth still showed through, I waited about 9 yrs this way and the dentist recently went in on the back side of my tooth and scraped out some of the brown tooth and replaced it with a composite filling. It looks slightly less brown, but not enough to have the terrible feeling in the tooth. Will it ever feel better? I

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Pain under veneer done 10 ago and revised recently ... #DrSarahThompson

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Sorry to hear that you've had trouble out of your veneer.  Is the dentist that tried to fix it, the same dentist that did the veneer 10 years ago?  If the pain doesn't resolve completely in the next 60 days, you may need the crown removed, the decay underneath treated, then a new crown placed.I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf if you have more questions.  

Dark tooth

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If there is a terrible feeling in the tooth, you definitely need to be seen and evaluated for root canal therapy.  You may need to have a crown instead of a veneer on this tooth to help mask the darker internal color of this tooth.

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