Can mondors cord be on medial side of breast by sternum? Can this make breast harder or swollen? (Follow up to prev original?)

4 weeks post op did to much activity afterward more pain swelling, little firmness. Saw my provider yesterday who said he thought maybe contracture stage 2 and to wait 6 months and see if surgery needed, but I am not sure my symptoms fit. I am having increased pain and swelling. The pain goes up in to my shoulder and on my ribs cage. Feels significantly better with massage and root of problem seems to be the medial breast where there appears to be a swollen vein or nerve and is super tight.

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Too much activity

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The symptoms and signs are consistent with too much activity, which results in bleeding, and then capsular contracture.  It can be a coagulated vein that sometimes occurs after breast augmentation called Mondor's cord. There is nothing dangerous about it.  I can be treated with aspirin, warm compressed and massage.  The vein, which no longer has blood flowing through it, is now just a scar.  The scar is only a problem because it causes constriction.  I massage the scar out to break it into small segments of scar so that it no longer is painful and constricting.

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