I chose Damon Brace for perfect teeth but now I have protruded teeth instead? (Photos)

i am now 22 years old. i started using damon brace around 2 years ago. my orthologist told me that i did not need any extraction, and around 2 years and a half was needed to have straight teeth. now, my teeth are quite neat but they are protruded. my orthologist said i could take off my brace soon (with protruded teeth?). he claimed this looks perfect on me. is having protruded teeth after damon brace normal? what can i do now? i will have my graduation next year and i hope to finish it before that.

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Damon braces

Hello Amanda, thanks for posting the pictures and i see clear that your teeth are a little protruded. Maybe if i can see some xrays could help us on see what is really happening with your teeth and about the 3rd molars. If you try to bite a paper with your front teeth and you can´t ofcourse it isn´t correct. i Recommend you that you talk to your dentist about this and see what can do to solve your situation. 

Good luck!

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