So Many Things I Want to Change. Eyes Seem Sunken and Wrinkled?

For a few years now, it seems my face has become more and more bony and mishapen. It seems my eyes have become wrinkled and sunken in (I'm 23), my teeth, nose, and jaw have become crooked and my chin has dissapeared leving and ugly space between my protruding bottom lip and my jaw line. My question is, what do you suggest I can do about these things without looking like a completely different person. I really do not want to wear braces for 2 years. Thank you! Michelle

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Changes in facial anatomy in a young adult

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Without a photograph it is difficult to give you any suggestions.  There are medical conditions such as hemifacial atrophy that can effect younger adults.  If you are noting continued change of your facial anatomy you should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon.  

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