What size would 350cc reconstruction appear on me? My breast width is 10.

Had bilateral mastectomy with removal of 211 grams. Expanders are full at 300 and I wanted to go to 400 but the last 3 weeks the pocket hasn't stretched enough to add any more. Dr said we are done with expansions. He said I can accommodate 300 cc implant with 50 cc fat grafting and I will be a nice larger size than I was. I can't envision how large that will be and if I will be dissappointed. I am 5'2 125. Should I ask for larger implants or will this be enough for my size?

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Large size after mastectomy

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I would caution you in increasing your size this much following mastectomy.  As you over expand your overlying tissues they will continue to thin.  This will lead to minimal tissue over the implant and an unnatural result prone to complications.  Fat grafting is a better options for size increase, although you may not have a large donor site given your height/weight.  Listen to what your surgeon is telling you.  I would encourage you to get further opinions so that you are comfortable with the recommendation. 

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