Saggy eyelids

Good day! I'm Elyssa, 18 years old. My eye lids got really dry and when it healed, it has gotten saggy. I'm wonderin' if it will come back to the way it was cause I'm still young or is there any way it could return except undergoing surgery cause I'm really scared and don't know what to do. Thank you so much for the help!

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Elyssa,We need more information.  How long ago did this happen?  Why did the eyelids get "really dry"?  Has this happened before.  Upper lids?  Lower lids? Both?  What do you mean by "saggy".  Photos would help but if you are really concerned, there is no substitute for seeing a board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon in person.  Photos don't tell the whole story.  The surgeon needs to see the eyelids move and at multiple angles to do a complete evaluation.Good luck to you.

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Young patient saggy eyelids

Most patients that have saggy eyelids at your age are due to periodic swelling and rubbing of the eyes.  If the swelling and rubbing can be eliminated, for the most part, the eyelids will come back to their normal state.  Some patients have an inherent negative vector or shallow midface which will make any swelling in the eyelids more apparent. Only a consultation with a facial plastics or experienced plastic surgeon can tell you if there are surgical conditions that may be able to address your issues.  thanks

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Saggy eyelids in an 18 year-old

Thanks for the question.  Pictures would help.  At 18 years old there are many other options besides surgery.  See a board-certified plastic surgeon to find a customized plan for you.

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There really is not enough information here to make any determination of what may have occurred. Also, with no photos it is impossible. Most plastic surgeons offer complimentary consultations so you might just schedule an appointment to have an evaluation.

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