Lip lines treatment. Laser, fillers? Least down time? Minimal scarring if possible? (Photos)

I'm in my mid-twenties. I drink a ton of water out of bottles and used to smoke a good bit in college. I'd like to stay away from Botox for now. I wouldn't say the lines are very deep, I don't feel anything when I run my finger over it as you would a stretch mark or cut. I'm assuming those are the same as on my actual bottom lip? Best options? Fillers/laser?

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​In your case, lip fillers are an excellent option to “fill in” the lines around the mouth.

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In your case, lip fillers are an excellent option to “fill in” the lines around the mouth. Lip lines are a very common complaint in our office and lip injections can help to define the shape of the mouth while adding volume into unwanted lines. An experienced clinician can skillfully and strategically inject the appropriate amount of gel filler into the appropriate areas to hide your lip lines. It is important to note that fillers typically last 4-6 months, so this form of treatment would require ongoing maintenance. 

Juvederm is anexcellent products to target lip lines. 
Another option to target lip lines are energy based treatments such as laser skin resurfacing or skin tightening with Profound bi-polar radio frequency. These treatments target cellular turnover and help boost the skins natural volume. Oftentimes a combination of energy based intervention and fillers yield optimal outcomes. 

Restlane Silk and Belotero work well for lip lines

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Thanks for your question and thanks for including your photos – they help. I always recommend that you make an appointment with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who can best evaluate this in person and suggest a treatment plan that would help the best. In your case, fillers would definitely help and most of us would use either Restylane Silk or Belotero in this area – but Juvederm here works too. In addition, lasers may improve things and in this area, we have successfully used fractional CO2 lasers to make the skin smoother, although not every wrinkle will disappear with this procedure. Microneedling, as mentioned, can also help, and sometimes the more robust microneedling RF devices such as the EndyMed Intensif, can work well here. Make an appointment with the proper provider and see what the best treatment options are for you – good luck.

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Nashville Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lip lines

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Fillers would give you immediate results. However, they would need to be retreated on average every 5-6 months. Thread lift is a great treatment that would last for few years. It is inexpensive and has little or no down time. Threads are injected into the skin of the lips with no incisions or cuts. 

Lip Lines

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Fillers such as Belotero or Restylane Silk and Eclipse micropen will all help to treat this area effectively.  The lip lines are a key concern to most of my patients.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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