Lack of communication. Shouldn't the PS be staying in better contact with me?

BR surgery scheduled for Oct 25. Today is Oct 11. I have heard nothing from my PS about what to expect or prepare for. All I know is that I am supposed to stop taking supplements 10 days before surgery and 7 days postop. I do NOT know TIME of surgery. Shouldn't the PS be staying in better contact with me? Or is this normal procedure? I am excited but nervous - especially about this lack of communication from my PS. Should I be concerned?

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Lack of communication

You know your surgery day, you are certainly welcome to call and ask about the time and what to wear. I presume your surgery is at a surgery center since the hospitals usually do a preadmission testing interview. Often we don't tell patients the exact time until a few days before because this may change. I don't feel that they are ignoring you but if it would make you feel more comfortable to know these things now, I wouldn't hesitate to call them.

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Lack of communication

Thank you for your question! If you have concerns or questions about your surgery, don't hesitate to call them. Most of the time the surgeon isn't available directly but I'm sure their staff can certainly assist with letting you a time for the day of and the patient coordinator can tell you the do's & don'ts as the days get closer. Good luck with everything!

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