Tummy tuck in April 2015 and now16 months later I go to my PS office and have the fluid drained from my hip every 10 day (Photo)

I just wonder will this ever end.. Every week it's about 31-45cc of fluid , but you can see it sticking out on my side if I'm wearing a fitted dress or leggings or active wear it looks like I have an eggs on my hip

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Fluid needs draining from tummy tuck 16 months later

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without an examination, it is difficult to be sure, but chances are that you have what is called a bursae. It is a sac, that fluid keeps accumulating in. The fat layer did not stick down to the under layer.  It will require a revision surgery, to remove the sac, so that the fat sticks down to the muscle fascial layer. I would discuss this with your surgeon, or get a second opinion where an examination can take place.

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While I don't see anything in your photos, what you describe sound like a chronic seroma. It forms a lining which prevents it from sealing closed after aspiration so continues to recur unless/until that lining is surgically removed. Ask your surgeon to reassess you for that option and perhaps seek another opinion. I have never heard of a seroma resolving spontaneously after this long.

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