I need to have a hysterectomy. Can I have a hysterectomy combined with a Mommy Makeover?

Is a Mommy Makeover and hysterectomy combination a possibility? If not, how far away from the Mommy Makeover should the hysterectomy be?

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It is critical to understand the difference b/t "Can I" & "Should I"

Hi there-

Quite often in my practice, I find myself explaining to people who come to consult with me the difference between asking if something is possible, and whether or not it is in their best interests...

Let's first agree (I hope) that you and your chosen surgeon take two things for granted right from the get go- that you want to maximize your safety, and that you want the most attractive and natural looking outcome possible.

If we can agree on this, the answer to "Should I combine a hysterectomy with a mommy makeover?" becomes an emphatic NO. Risks are significantly (if not dramatically) increased, and your chances of achieving the best outcome diminished. Can it be done? Sure. But because there is such a difference in safety and outcome, I would probably look sideways at any surgeon who is willing to do this.

Be careful- it is my experience that if you wave enough money in the air you will find most things possible- but that doesn't mean it is in your best interests.

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Combination surgery

Thank you for your question. It depends on your situation but if you are in good health and you are a good candidate for an abdominoplasty then you can have the two surgeries combined.

Mark Deutsch, MD
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Hysterectomy Combined With a Mommy Makeover

Combined operations in general have a higher #complication rate and its difficult to determine what the possible complication rate can be.  That being said, some doctors are not always in agreement to #combine #gynecology and #cosmetic procedures together in one surgery time.

Also, timing can be difficult for the both doctors. Also, the hospital or surgery center fees may be higher for the cosmetic portion as the gynecology procedure is frequently an insured expense while the facility may not  offer cosmetic cash discounts as some do. 
All in all, combining these procedures is a possibility but all depends on the patient and both doctors' opinion.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Hysterectomy and tummy tuck

Yes you can combine these procedures but you will have a greater incidence of complications. Your gynecologist and PS should discuss this and come up with a plan to maximize the safety of the procedure.

Kurtis Martin, MD
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Hysterectomy and Mommy Makeover

Yes it is possible to perform both procedures at the same time if your gynecologist and plastic surgeon work together on the procedure. However, without examining you in person, knowing your health history and knowing your gynecologist it is very difficult to give you an appropriate answer here. I recommend you meet with a well-respected board certified plastic surgeon and discuss your need for hysterectomy and your desire to have your Mommy Makeover at the same time to see what he/she recommends doing. Good luck!

Jimmy S. Firouz, MD, FACS
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I need to have a hysterectomy. Can I have a hysterectomy combined with a Mommy Makeover?

This is a difficult question to answer in general. I would not begin to know the skill level of the gynecologist performing your surgery and how much time it would take he or she to perform it. A mommy makeover means different things to different people. So the number of procedures and operative time can vary greatly. As stated by the other surgeons, your risk go up significantly when cosmetic surgery is combined with a hysterectomy. I will evaluate patients on a case-by-case basis and I do find that some patients are good candidates to have a hysterectomy along with a single cosmetic procedure. I am unwilling to do multiple cosmetic procedures at the same time as a hysterectomy. Although it seems attractive to have one recovery and possibly save costs, there is no price tag that can be placed on your safety and health.

Michael Hueneke, MD
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Hysterectomy and mommy make-over -- ok to combine?

Thank you for asking about your hysterectomy and mommy make-over.

  • the answer is 'maybe.'
  • If your gynecologist agrees, if your health is excellent and you are slim, and if the breast surgery is just an implant, you may be able to have this combination of surgery.
  • However the risk of blood clots rises with hysterectomy. tummy tuck and long surgery -
  • So you need very alert surgeons looking after you and if they recommend against combination surgery, take their advice!
  • If you divide the operations, allow at least 3-6 months between them.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Hysterectomy with mommy makeover

This procedure can be done however it presents higher risks. You would need to consult with both of your doctors to see if both would be willing to do. Aside from recovery risks, often times it's difficult for physicians since it would be part insurance and part cosmetic. If your surgery is being done in the hospital you would need to find out fees for the cosmetic part of the procedure. Talk to your doctors. You may find it to be in your best interest to do two separate procedures. 

Best of luck to you!

Brian K. Reedy, MD
Reading Plastic Surgeon
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Hysterectomy Combined With A Mommy Makeover - Is It Possible & Is It A Good Idea?

The very short answer to your question is YES it is possible, but NO it is not a good idea.

Hysterectomies have their own set of potential complications.  Tummy tucks and the other components of a Mommy Makeover also have their own set of potential complications.  When you add the two together, you increase the chances of something going wrong.  The combination of a Mommy Makeover and a hysterectomy increase the time in the operating room, the hours of anesthesia, and the potential for deep vein thrombosis and pelvic vein thrombosis both leading to pulmonary embolus.  There is also an increased chance of infection, etc. etc. etc.

All in all, combining the hysterectomy and a Mommy Makeover is just a really bad idea.

Mommy Makeover

Your surgeon will need to evaluate you taking into account your medical history before making this decision.  Many factors need to be considered.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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