If I gain weight will it just go back to my legs (fat cells increase in size) or could I even out? (photo)

Disproportionate at current weight but worried will undo cool sculpting results. I had cool sculpting inner/outer thighs @ 45d, already happy with my results. I see differing opinions on "If I gain weight after cool sculpting.. where does it go?". I ask this because I actually do need to gain a little weight (65" 110#) but did have the excess fat on my thighs prior to cool sculpting (disproportionate to my scrawny arms and collar bones). I do not want to undo my results though

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Weight Gain After CoolSculpting

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It is possible to gain weight back into those areas, however, all of our bodies are different and it can be difficult to identify exactly where it will go. CoolSculpting does cause damage to those fat cells, so in the event you do gain weight, it should come back proportionally. However, this is simply a theory since CoolSculpting has not been around long enough.

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