3 months post-op incisions. Scarring, color, coloring around the incision. Hypertrophic? Keloid? (Photo)

Silicone implants 6/20/16. I am OCD about my scar care. I taped for a month & then have been using the silicone sheets everyday for 12-24 hour periods. Massage often and keep them moisturized. No sun exposure. I took zinc picolinate and vitamin c for months. I do believe they are beginning to look hypertrophic? Can anything be done? Do I just scar badly? I've read about laser for scars but how does that run cost wise? Thanks.

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3 months post-op incisions. Scarring, color, coloring around the incision. Hypertrophic? Keloid?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photographs and I can understand your desire to maximize the appearance of your surgical incisions.  At three months your incisions look very appropriate for the healing process and do not demonstrate any signs consistent with hypertrophic/keloid scarring.  Continue your current scar care and you will see improvement over the next 9+ months as they will soften and fade.  Hope this helps.

Scar care after breast augmentation

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Your scars look fine.  You do not have keloids or even hypertrophic scars.  To improve your scars, you can take good quality multivitamins and liquid minerals (found at natural food stores, NOT a pharmacy or grocery store) along with topical care.  The goal of scar therapy is to maintain a moist environment.  Dry scars will "crack" and bacteria will fall into the cracks.  This causes more inflammation which leads to thicker scars.  Silicone sheet work well.  Topical Vitamin E does nothing.  Bio-Oil, Shea butter with coconut oil, or other natural oil products designed for scar care work well.  Mederma is OK, but not the best product for the money.  

Scarring after breast implants

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Thank you for your pictures and questions.  It does appear in the pictures that your scar is healing normally and as expected at this time.  The redness will fade over time.  However, I recommend my patients use a silicone scar cream or sheets following surgery.  Best of luck to you!

Scarring after Breast Implants

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Hi ~ From the picture your scars appear to be healing normally. I routinely suggest using massage and silicone sheets for two to three months. It takes 8-12 months for a scar to mature and a lot of the redness you see will fade with time. It is important to talk to your surgeon and follow his recommendations.

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