Compression Garment W/no Lipo?

I had a tummy tuck w/no lipo. How long do I have to wear the compression garment? I have NEVER worn a girdle before surgery, do I have to wear spanx or use compression after the garment issued by my doctor?

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Garment after tummy tuck

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Every doctor has his/her own protocol for wearing compression garments following surgery.  I usually have my patients wear them as much as possible for three weeks.  Sometimes my patients will wear spanx or underarmour rather than the garment that we supply.  These may be more comfortable than the garments that we supply.  The bottom line is that you want to have something compressive to minimize swelling and possible fluid build-up after surgery.

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A compression garment is required and beneficial after liposuction because:
  1. It restricts the amount of edema that forms and hastens its resolution by mechanical pressure.
  2. It decreases the amount of bruising.
  3. It assists the loose skin in retracting or shrinking.
The first garment should be fitted for you in the office prior to surgery and applied in the operating room. Often it will become loose as the edema is mobilized, and then it will need to be replaced. Spanx is a reasonable compression garment if it gives enough support and is the right size. I have my patents bring them in so I can confirm that it fits well.
Most important advice is to listen to your surgeon, as he or she knows how much fat was removed, the elasticity that remains in your skin, and amount of skin redundancy.
I recommend that my patients wear their garments for a minimum of three weeks full timethen for twelve hours at a time (day or night). If there is not a lot of redundant skin, this continues to a maximum of six weeks.
To be effective, the garment needs to fit snugly—but not too tight as that can make it difficult to sleep or cause pressure problems (inspect your skin when it is exposed if you are uncomfortable). As the edema resolves it is common for patients to switch to a smaller garment that fits. A Spanx-type garment would work fine, rather than ordering one or paying more at your doctor’s office.


Garment after Tummy Tuck.....

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Thank you for the excellent question.  I do have my abdominoplasty patients wear a post surgical abdominal binder for up to 2 - 4 weeks to help support the stitches, diminish swelling and prevent any excess fluid that may accumulate. After the drains are removed they may switch to a Spanx or Assets brand garment for more comfort and will wear that garment for about 4 weeks as well.  The garment is a very important piece to your healing after surgery.  I would recommend that you follow up with your plastic surgeon to see how long you need to wear your compression garment to get the best results.

Heather Rocheford, MD
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Compression Garment

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You should definitely wear the garment with compression issued by your doctor for four weeks following your surgery.

Use of compression garments after an abdominoplasty with liposuction

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For most of my abdominoplasty patients who have liposuction of the posterior hips I generally recommend wearing a support garment night and day for the first 2 weeks then night only for another 2 weeks.  This will certainly vary from one patient to the next since skin quality and elasticity certainly varies.  Follow the recommendations of your plastic surgeon.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Compression Garment After Liposuction

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Thank you for the question. Every surgeon is different but I usually recommend wearing the compression garment for 6 weeks. The first 1-2 weeks you wear the garment placed at the time of surgery. This helps with the swelling and healing process. Once the swelling has subsided patients usually switch to a spanx type of garment which is more comfortable.

Compression after liposuction

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After any surgery there is edema or swelling.  A compression garment simply keeps the swelling down and you are more comfortable.  It is not mandatory ti wear any compression after a tummy tuck but patients usually are more comfortable with a simple abdominal binder that can be provided by you doctor or you can buy at Big 5 Sports Stores etc.    This applys with or without liposuction.   Usually patients like the feel of a little support so I usually recommend it as long as it it feels good.  My Best   Dr C

Compression garment after tummy tuck

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I advise my patients to wear a medical grade compression garment for the first month, then a lighter garment (like Spanx) for a few more weeks, depending on how much swelling they have.

Everybody heals differently, so it's important to adjust the treatment plan for each patient, which is why you need to follow up with your plastic surgeon.

I hope that helps and wish you all the best!

Dr Knoetgen

Compression Garment after Tummy Tuck

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It's best to wear some type of shape abdominal binder for weeks or months after Tummy Tuck.  We like the spanx or flexie garments.  Follow your Plastic Surgeons recommendations for your best result.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Compression Garment W/no Lipo?

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This question is best directed to your surgeon. We who answer these question have not seen you, nor have we followed your recovery. 

Most surgeons have patients wear a custom garment for several weeks, and then spanx or other compression for a few weeks more, but this varies surgeon to surgeon, and patient to patient. 

All the best 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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