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I live in Seneca South Carolina and have extremely severe migraine headaches due to two neck surgeries in 1999 and then being rear ended which pinched the nerve above the fusion. C3-4 is pinched. C5-6 and C6-7 is fused. I am looking for a doctor who can treat my neck with Botox as was done by my doctor in Dallas TX. It relieved my pain for two years. Can you please help me?

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South Carolina Botox for Migraines Doctor

The ASPS and Botox Cosmetic websites are good resources for lists of qualified physicians. Dr. Terry Holdredge and Dr. John Wilmeth are two possibilities.  The choice of an injector is important as the relationship tends to be for the long term.  Consult with 2 - 3 injectors in your area to find the one that best meets your needs.

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Treating migranes with Botox

Treatment of migranes is a very individualized process.  The first step is to see a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon that can understand and guide you through the multiple surgical and nonsurgical options.  The patient must present with an active migrane.  Only migranes that are triggered by compression of peripheral nerves can be treated with botox, luckily at least in my practice this includes the majority.  A plastic surgeon with craniofacial experience can easily identify the possible locations of triggering and a diagnosis is made by stimulating and relaxing the muscles manually with special massage techniques or injecting a small amount of lidocaine near the triggering nerve.   If the migrane is treated, the diagnosis is made and options are reviewed.  The next step is to give the patient a trial of local muscular relaxation with botox administration which must not only significantly chemodenervate the local muscles, but also must be balanced through the face so as not to create an aesthetic deformity.  depending on level of relief, duration of relief and patient preferences, most patients opt for a permanent treatment without recurring cost.  The identified trigger nerve is decompressed in a quick in office surgical procedure and a small amount of fat is placed around the nerveto cushion and protect it from further irritation.   Patient staisfaction is very high with this protocol.  Remember there are many practitioners that will be willing to inject Botox for migranes who do not have the anatomical, physiological or surgical knowledge and experience to produce a result.  I strongly recommend seeing a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can guide you.

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Botox for migraines

Botox can help for migraines. This treatment is given by some neurologists and some plastic surgeons. To locate a plastic surgeon, your best bet is to contact There is probably a similar website to locate a board-certified neurologist.

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