If My Armpits Have a Rash and Left Implant is Moving All over 2 Weeks Out, Should I Worry?

Had a lift and saline implants 480cc each?

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If My Armpits Have a Rash and Left Implant is Moving All over 2 Weeks Out, Should I Worry?

An isolated rash in the armpits is not necessarily something to be concerned about but, coupled with an implant that's moving around, it's reasonable to contact your PS.  Wearing a supportive bra will help the pocket form but the most prudent thing is to see your PS.

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If the pocket is too large,  wearing a support bra will allow the pocket to shrink in the first several weeks.  the breast can also be taped in position.

the rash can be infection or suture reaction.. your doctor should see this

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Rash after breast augmentation

Dear Big Red Husker.  An underarm rash after surgery could be a yeast infection.  If the implants were placed through the underarm, it could also be a staph or strept infection.  If the infection spreads to your implants, you may need to have the removed for 3 months.  Therefore, please contact your PS ASAP and seek their advice.

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Breast Augmentation Mastopex

The rash is nothing to worry about. Probably a reaction to the surgical bra. Talk to your doc of course. 

Joshua B. Hyman, MD
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Questions about breast implants and rash

If the implant pocket is too wide then the implant could move around in the pocket.  If you have a rash under your arm then you may need medication.  See your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. In the meantime it may be useful to wear a well fitting bra.  

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Rash & Moving Breast Implant

You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon to make sure the rash doesn't need to be treated. You may also need a support bra to limit implant movement. 

Karol A. Gutowski, MD, FACS
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