11 Weeks Post Op Abdominal Lipo Swelling? (photo)

I am 11weeks post op abdominal lipo. I had liters removed.The 1st day after my surgery, my stomach was extremely flat.(so I thought) 11weeks later,I still have these small roles,&i am still very tender at times. Is this fat that hasn't been removed,or is this still extreme swelling.

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11 Weeks Post Op Abdominal Lipo Swelling?

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Seems like you needed more than just lipo. Was your surgery done out of country? Might be to late for aggressive lymphatic massages and external ultrasound. Why not see your surgeon for advise?? 

Lipo of abdomen

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It is difficult to say how you will respiond without more info. How much did you weight before the procedure, what was your height, Was you skin loose, etc...

Steven Wallach, MD
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Concerns after Liposuction Surgery?

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Although there may still be some swelling present,  the majority swelling should have dissipated by now. Undoubtedly, skin "redraping"  will continue over the course of the next several months. At that point, you will be able to evaluate the end results of the procedure performed.

 Hopefully, you were a good candidate for this procedure and will not be left with loose/irregular skin.  Careful patient selection for liposuction surgery is one of the keys to successful outcomes.  

Generally speaking, for the benefit of other people considering liposuction surgery, these procedures are indicated for patients at their long-term stable weight, who present with diet and exercise resistant adipose tissue of localized areas with good quality overlying skin.

 Best wishes.

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