I had LASIK 1 month ago and my distance vision is not clear. Will my vision become crisper the more time goes by?

I had Lasik on 7/5/16. Before I was -2.50 in both eyes. My 1 day post op my doc said I had 20/15. I just had my 1 month post op today & I tried to explain to him that even though I can see 20/15 the letters are not crisp, they are blurry but I can still make out what the letters are. This is how it is when I am driving reading license plates. Even looking at someone in the same room as me does not seem to be clear. Its like there is a slight fog in the room. Will this get better with time?

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It is difficult to say because your prognosis depends on what is causing your symptoms. Even though you are reading better than 20/20, the eye chart only partly characterizes your visual experience. There are a lot of factors that come into play—some transient and some which might be improved with an enhancement. Fortunately, we now have topographers and wavefront aberrometers that can help your surgeon to determine the cause of your symptoms and to formulate possible courses of treatment. It is best to continuing seeing your surgeon to get the most out of your procedure.

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HOA and 20/15 post lasik

you have either DES or HOA. Just google both terms BC I'm getting tired typing out what each is. Your surgeon should eliminate DES with Punctal plugs, restasis, and ointment BIDIf that helps you're lucky and fine. If not he has to cut a PreVue lens to see if that helps. Then you have HOA. But no sane surgeon will re laser a 20/15 eye so then you're stuckYou should have gotten LASEK as BC there's no flap cut it causes less HOA and DES vs LASIK

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