Piggy Nose? (photos)

Replied Received : Question are all of these procedures required to fix my nose -poorly defined tip, needing tip grafting Sheen style -poorly suported tip, needing a strut to reinforce it, probably with the same septal lengthening graft we could anchor the medial cruras of the tip -broad tip and boxy, needing reduction, cartilage trimming and plasties of the domes

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Correction of piggy nose

To simplify, when addressing a boxy tip, the nasal dome cartilage are addressed by thinning them (cephalic trim) and reshaping with sutures (intradomal and interdomal sutures).  Additional cartilage may be added to make the tip more defined, one of them to hold the tip up (strut graft) and one to lengthen the tip.   You do have some flaring of the nostrils, and that can be improved by reducing the portion that sits on the cheeks (Weir excision).  

Although it sounds extensive, these are standard techniques in a standard rhinoplasty.  Some of the decision making is made in the operating room depending on the amount of support your cartilages can provide and the results obtained.  Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi

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