Does this wound breakdown need to be debrided? (photos)

Hi , i had a tummy tuck with lipo of the flank two weeks ago , belly button blood flow was compromised due to many previous surgeries , dr said he tried to save it rather. I have experienced wound breakdown the last 6 days with smelly odur and puss as per pics above. Dr advised to just keep washing with warm water . Any opinions as i feel this should be debrided ?

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Sorry to hear about your tummy tuck recovery.  Debridement is done when there is dead tissue.  It does not appear from your photos that there is obvious dead tissue present.  Of course your plastic surgeon being able to examine you in person will be the best at determining this.  You should be seeing steady progress with regards to wound healing.  If at any time the wound healing progress stalls, you should have your plastic surgeon re-evaluate the wound care regimen and determine if changes or debridement are needed.All the best,Dr. Remus Repta

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I am concerned about the appearance of your wound. There does appear to be infection. Please call and be seen by your physician TODAY. Please do not wait. You may require some debridement of infected tissue and cleansing and antibiotic therapy. Good Luck,Michael Morrissey,MD

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Thanks for your question and for the photos.  Sorry you are having wound issues.
From your photos, it appears that you have some granuation tissue forming along with some very small areas of compromised tissue (no obvious dead tissue seen).  Your Plastic surgeon is the best one to follow your wound healing progression.  I use a simple "wet to dry" dressing to clean up the wound for several days.  It entails putting moist or wet gauze on the wound and then removing it later in the day when it is dry.  The gauze sticks to the top layer of tissue and pulls the dead tissue off with it.  It does not appear that you require any antibiotics or aggressive wound treatment.
Good luck with your healing.
Dr. T

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Does this wound breakdown need to be debrided? = your surgeon should address this question #tt #tummytuck #wound

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Patients with questions and concerns about their tummy tuck healing process management (e.g. dehisced surgical wound debridement, etc)  should address those concerns with the plastic surgeon that performed the operation. 

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