Are there any treatments for sunken eyes without undergoing surgery?

I have sunken eyes that seems not to recover. My eyes are deep sunken and I have tried all the remedies I know but to no avail. I always get enough sleep, I have tried rehydrating myself with fluids and ORS, but still no improvement. This condition is so embarassing and makes me look ill-healthy. Are there any treatments without undergoing surgury? HELP!

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Sunken eyes

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Without an exam or photos, it is difficult to make specific comments but in most cases this problem can be improved.  Fillers a very helpful in the eye troughs below the eyes and can greatly reduce the sunken appearance making the eyes look younger and more refreshed.  Botox can be used on the brow to lift the eyebrows and smooth the wrinkles further improving that tired look.

Good luck with your treatment.  Dr. Gill

Decatur Family Physician

Fillers for Sunken Eyes

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Dear De Gunner:

Difficult to assess without exam or photos, but I would recommend use of Hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm to help soften and replace lost volume around the eyes.  Best wishes.

Sunken Eyes

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Thanks for your question. Rejuvination of the area around the eyes (periorbital area) can involve a variety of treatments. These days often significant improvement can be obtained without surgery by using filler, botox or a combination of the two. Specifically, hyaluronic acid fillers can be used to tremendously improve the hollows that develop below the eyes. The sunken areas typically result from volume loss along the cheek bones over time. Restoring the volume to these areas is now done commonly and the results can look quite natural. I find that a combination of Belotero to the hollows just below the eyes along with Voluma to the malar cheek bones tends to produce excellent results. 

In addition, Botox can be used to reduce muscle bulging of the lower lids when necessary and injected into crowe's feet at the lateral aspects of the eyes to also make them appear more youthful.  

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