When is the best time to return to the gym after arm lift surgery?

It's exactly 4months since I had a revision of Brachioplasty, I've started going to the gym for aerobics and jog on the treadmill, sometimes I feel a throbbing pain on some areas after the workout and I wonder if I'm not too early

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Gym after arm lift

Typically I tell patients to wait 6 weeks before returning to the gym. The discomfort you are feeling could be scar tissue, or some of your nerves coming back with the new movement. I would suggest seeing your plastic surgeon to get his opinion. 

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When is the best time to return to the gym after arm lift surgery?

Thank you for your question. Typically, it takes about six weeks for a surgical incision to reach its maximum strength. After that time, it is ok to resume exercising and other strenuous activities. However, if you're feeling throbbing pain after working out, then you should talk to your plastic surgeon... sometimes you can get scarring in the axilla that can cause pain and difficulty moving the arm. 

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Too soon?

Thank you for your question.  I tell my patients that they should wait at least six weeks before they resume any heavy lifting or strenuous exercise.  However, I also tell them that they must be careful to listen closely to their bodies, discontinuing anything that causes discomfort.

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Six Weeks

Typically, you should wait 6 weeks before doing any heavy lifting or participate in rigorous physiccal activities.  It is important that you slowly transition yourself and increase the activity level as tolerated.  With brachioplasty, patients sometimes have scar contracture, especially in the axillar, that may limit their range of motion.  You should talk to you plastic surgeon before starting any heavy physical activity.

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When is the best time to return to the gym after arm lift surgery?

Thank you for your question.  In my practice, I advise my patients that they can return to the gym about 1-2 months after an arm lift, depending on the type of activity involved.  Certainly by 4 months should be ok, but this depends on one's recovery course and if there were complications or delayed healing.  Please visit your surgeon and be sure to ask him or her about instructions regarding your activity level.  Good luck!

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