TCA/PRP/Dermapen? follow up advice and procedure (No Infini RF available) - (photos)

This Q is mainly for DR LIM,I have now had dermapen with a 30% tca peel then 2 weeks later I had deeper dermapen with PRP ( we do not have INFINI RF here in Cape Town) although we do have the erbium laser which u also prevoiusly suggested.I have not had the TCA cross and they dont offer that in 100%.i have 1more treatment with my clinic.Do you suggest I go in for TCA cross , then go in a week later for the dermapen with TCA peel or PRP.PLease look at my forehead pic, this is after the 2 sessions

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This is not just for me to answer, but for all doctors, as it is an open forum. We all have different methods to get the job done, in many cases there are different ways to get to your end goals and expectations, not just one. My method is what I feel comfortable with, and what works for me. Other doctors may have equally good suggestions, if not better. 
Form the photos you have provided, I would use INFINI RF with PRP. TCA CROSS maybe used to very specific areas, but this is designed for ice pick scars, or v v deep and narrow scars. I do not use micro needling without energy, as RF energy remodels collagen as well as channels a lot better than no energy. Other options include high density Fraxel 1927 - not many specialist will do more than 10 passes at max 20 mj, but depending on your skin type, more passes are safe. Once again, I can't provide any treatment advice that counters your clinics treatment plan, I can just comment on what I would do for you. Regardless, you will require multiple treatments, possibly even filler - angled or tangental lighting would reveal. 
All the bestDr Davin LimLaser and aesthetic dermatologistBrisbane, Australia. 

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