What can I do to get the swelling to go down I look ridiculous. It is not painful.

Augmentation done 4 years ago. six weeks ago I fell and broke my right wrist. On Saturday I saw that my right breast was very swollen. it is I am assuming it is caused by the trauma of my right arm.

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Swollen breast

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Best advice is to follow up with your surgeon or primary care physician if the surgeon is not available. The can examine your breast and will likely want to perform some imaging to look at the breast and integrity of the implant.

Swelling, 4 Years Post Op

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This type of swelling isn't typical. I recommend that you be seen by your Plastic Surgeon or Primary care Doctor in person so that they can examine you and order imagine of the breast such as ultrasound.

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Swelling to breast

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Thanks for your question. Delayed swelling 6 weeks after a fall is unusual. If you have any concern about the implant or the breast it is best to go back and see your plastic surgeon. Likely they can perform an ultrasound or mammogram to check with a rupture of the implant or possibly a fluid collection around the implant (especially if it is a textured implant). I would go back and see your surgeon for guidance. 


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