Routine mammogram: radiologist suspected my RHS implant was leaking which a second mammo confirmed. Do I still need an MRI?

My implants are silicone and are 11 years old. The 2nd radiologist was fairly certain when she compared it to my other breast's implant. I don't want to have have an expensive MRI if its almost certain anyway. How long can I wait before having them removed and replaced. I have no symptoms. They were under the muscle and extremely painful so I am hoping it will hurt less this time and I will recover faster.

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Ruptured Breast Implant

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MRI is the best test to check for ruptured implants, as it is much more accurate, unlike ultrasound which has a moderately high "false positive" rate - that is, it may be incorrect when suggesting a rupture. Generally, if it is cerfain an implant is ruptured,then it should be removed and replaced, although Thi should is not urgent. 

Regards, Dr Steve Merten, Sydney 

Breast Implant Rupture

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If you have a documented rupture of a silicone implant, you should not wait regardless of the presence of symptoms. You should contact your plastic surgeon and make an appointment for a consultation. An MRI often is not needed if the rupture can be seen on Mammography. If you catch the rupture early before significant scar tissue forms there is a good chance it will not be as painful as your first surgery. Good luck.

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