Revision Rhinoplasty - Pricing and Cartilage Risks? (photos)

I went to a plastic surgeon yesterday for a consult to correct a still crooked bridge, droopy tip & still large nose after my 1st rhinoplasty 2 years ago. I was told that this procedure is very delicate & he quoted me roughly $15 000 USD!!!! I was also told that if there is not enough nasal cartilage that i will not be able to correct the droopy tip & give it a better projection. He said its a gamble that i have to take & told me that rib cartilage & silicone implants are not safe. Is this true?

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Rib cartilage is actually a great graft material. As always, skillful preparation and placement are required. Revision rhinoplasty is a "different animal" than primary rhinoplasty, so be sure you consult with an expert in this area.

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It looks you had multiple things done at the first rhinoplasty. One needs to review what was done. Was a bridge augmentation done and what was used?
was a columela strut graft done? How much lower lateral cartilage was taken, seems to have collapsed ala.
Retraction of the columella and hump of the bridge.
Need to undo all what was done before and rebuild the nose, multiple grafts. Nose cartilage and rib cartilage grafts.

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