Questions concerning Diastasis recti. Will exercise help? (photos)

I read on the internet there is exercises that can be done to heal diastasis recti and that there is exercises to avoid while having this condition. My first question is: 1) If my diastasis recti has healed through correct exercising...Will I be able to do the exercises that I had to avoid while I had the condition? My second question is: 2) If I have a surgery for the diastasis recti...Will I be able to do the exercises that I had to avoide while I had the condition?

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Diastasis Recti is Corrected with A Tummy Tuck

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Dear michellevj,

Diastasis recti is separation of the rectus muscles, usually caused by expansion of the abdomen due to pregnancy or weight gain. The muscle separation results in bulging of the tummy.

Unfortunately, diastasis recti is very difficult to prevent. Having strong abdominal muscles and limiting weight gain during pregnancy can help.

Diastasis recti is corrected with a tummy tuck. Exercises will not correct the problem. A girdle can help reduce the bulging.

I hope this helps.

Warmest wishes,
Larry Fan, MD

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Prevention and nonoperative treatment of Diastasis

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Thank you for the question. It is not possible to prevent diastasis other than by the avoidance of significant weight gain or pregnancy. Pregnancy is in essence causing a sort of natural tissue expansion of the abdominal soft tissues. Your Rectus muscles are stretched as well as the Linea Alba (the fascia which runs between the 2 Rectus muscles) by the enlarging uterus, causing the diastasis. While it is more apt to occur in patients with multiple pregnancies it can occur even with your first. There are no nonoperative treatments of this condition nor any exercises that will prevent it from happening.

I hope this helps. Best wishes.

Diastasis Recti

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Unfortunately there are no exercises that will correct this condition. It is a separation of muscles that can only be corrected surgically.  A Tummy Tuck is very effective in this regard.  Best wishes


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Diastasis recti is a separation of the rectus muscles, usually caused by expansion of the abdominal cavity by pregnancy or weight gain and loss. There are no non-operative ways to treat this problem. A tummy tuck with repair of the abdominal wall is the treatment. 

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Diastasis recti and exercise

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Diastasis recti is separation of the connective tissue between the right and the left halves of the rectus muscle. This separation contributes to abdominal bulging. There is no exercise to correct diastasis recti, because the stretched area is connective tissue, not muscle. The only correction is a tummy tuck.

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