Post laparoscopy incision in belly button opened after stitch removed.

My belly-button incision opened post-laparoscopic surgery after doc removed stitches after a week. Doc said it's normal 'cause my belly button is deeply set. I had to put on antiseptic ointment and close it again & after one day I had to throw TBCO (fryers balsam - drying aid) on the incision It burned and I left it open. It's been two days and my incision still seems to be wet deep inside belly button. I threw on the TBCO twice since. Should I keep on throwing on the TBCO or what should I do?

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Umbilical incision open

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If the opening is superficial it may just need tobe kept clean and will heal. The best is tohave your doctor or a plastic surgeon inyour area evaluate it.Best wishes.

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