I had have Vaser Lipo on my legs from knees up including knees. I have compression garments. 2 types just from waist down.

IMy calf muscles are hurting so excruciatingly bad. They burn and feel as though I have a cramp the size of a baseball in them. I get some relief when up walking but when elevated the pain is too severe to handle. I am up to mess and was given the ok to take the next dose an hour early. I have done so but to no relief. My pain meds are synaleve and ibumol. I capsule each every 4 hours. Please help. I am very concerned about the pain and want to know if there is possibility of clots

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Best to be Evaluated by Your Doctor

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It's best, in this situation, to be seen and #evaluated by your doctor or their staff to confirm as to whether you have a serious issue that requires further medical attention. The sooner, the better. If at any time you have any concern at all about your #healing process, do not hesitate to contact your surgeon. The sooner, the better. 

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Calf Pain After Liposuction

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Your calf pain may be due to something serious, such as a blood clot. In this case, an immediate visit to the ER is necessary. Your pain could also be due to the fact that you're preventing your blood flow from coming up from your legs and returning to your heart because of the amount of compression you have on. This would exacerbate your leg swelling. Two garments may be too much and may be serving as a blockage of blood flow. For leg liposuction, the garment really should go down to your ankles. Best of luck.

Pain after Vaser

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I'm not sure what you are expecting any doctor on this forum to do for you when we don't know anything about you, your age, medical conditions, extent of procedure or your current status. If you are having calf pain, you may have DVT which require immediate medical attention. Please contact your doctor or go to local ER immediately.

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